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30 September 2020

Vinay Gupta - Ecological Sanity Is Compatible With Human Freedom

Vinay Gupta - Ecological Sanity Is Compatible With Human Freedom

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Vinay Gupta: Ecological Sanity Is Compatible With Human Freedom.

In the early days, Bitcoin proposed a simple model of how the world could be transformed: The free market was going to produce inflation-proof money with strong privacy features, which could be used to avoid taxes.

How are we really going to get a better world out of all this exquisite technology.

We need a revolution on par with the invention of money, the invention of financial instruments like stocks and insurance, the ongoing transfer of power to democracies around the world as enfranchisement spreads.

The trick here is agency: if this database sits with Amazon or eBay, it’s the same problem as having your money sit in a bank that somebody else controls, or having your medical records locked to your healthcare provider

Blockchain is the missing technology in the transition to treating our matter as respectfully as our money

Ecological sanity is compatible with human freedom, but only if we deploy cryptography to manage the resource allocation

My hope is that, by 2030, these systems will be ready in  enough countries that they’ll become standardized across the world, and we can go on together.

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