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18 April 2021

VORTECS Report: Storage coins rev up gains as Markets Pro rides the green wave

VORTECS Report: Storage coins rev up gains as Markets Pro rides the green wave

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Markets Pro offers two unique features: The VORTECS™ Score, an algorithmically-derived weighted score that compares current market conditions to historically-similar marketscapes, and NewsQuakes™ — the industry’s most rapid aggregator of market-moving news, analyzed and collated from over a thousand primary sources every minute.

In fact, some of the NewsQuakes™ feature assets for which the score is not yet generated: One example is this week’s announcement of a partnership between DAFI and DIA saw the latter asset, not yet indexed by the VORTECS™ model, appreciate by almost 22%.

The example of Filecoin already mentioned above showcases how a high VORTECS™ score and a subsequent NewsQuake™ can be used to boost users’ confidence that the conditions for a coin are favorable.

In other cases, a positive VORTECS™ score can follow the news: Once a favorable announcement is absorbed by market participants, trading and social conditions can align into a pattern that the model identifies as bullish.

This week, 17 of the 42 VORTECS™ strategies currently tested outperformed both Bitcoin and an evenly weighted portfolio of all the top 100 altcoins.

Of those strategies, 8 were score-based (Buy at VORTECS™ X  / Sell at VORTECS™ Y) and 9 were time-based (Buy at VORTECS™ X / Sell after Y hours).

As the table demonstrates, strategies that do well in the long run can have a downward blip in any given week: Buy at 90 / Sell after 168 hours is a particularly conspicuous example this time.

A total of 107 VORTECS™ hit Markets Pro users this week, featuring 27 different coins.

A total of 86 NewsQuake™ notifications went out to the Cointelegraph Markets Pro community this week, including 44 exchange listings, 25 partnerships, and 17 staking announcements.

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