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06 August 2021

Watch: Reflections on Bitcoin at the Third Halving – Bitcoin Magazine

Watch: Reflections on Bitcoin at the Third Halving – Bitcoin Magazine

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Bitcoin Magazine’s live stream, held for 21 hours continuously around the third Halving, shared some of these reflections with thousands of viewers and created a broadcast that reminds us why the technology has been so important to date, and of the vast potential it still holds.

In a video for the live stream, Blockstream CSO Samson Mow offered predictions for Bitcoin’s fourth epoch, the period between this most recent Halving and the next.

Antonopoulous brought some historical perspective to the live stream.

In a discussion with Christie Harkin, he shared some of that perspective as a way to add context to the most recent Halving.

The entire Bitcoin community almost at the time that was in the U.S.

Beyond energy use predictions or price expectations for Bitcoin’s new epoch, the live stream leveraged the spotlight of this historic moment to recognize the vibrancy of the Bitcoin community.

“My goal in general is to — if not find someone else who connects with my work in some sort of way through their journey through discovering Bitcoin and crypto and what it does for them financially or in terms of the principals — then is at least to bring interest and awareness to other people that maybe aren’t familiar with it,” visual artist Josie Bellini explained

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