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26 November 2020

We Have All Had A 'Pizza Day Moment' — What's Yours?

We Have All Had A 'Pizza Day Moment' — What's Yours?

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Famous entrepreneur and author, Andreas Antonopoulos, said that he paid five Bitcoin (BTC) for one pound coffee in 2012. .

Antonopoulos' tweet came on Bitcoin Pizza Day — a crypto holiday commemorating the first documented commercial purchase using Bitcoin.

Around two years later, in 2012, Antonopoulos bought one pound of coffee beans for 5 BTC, according to his May 22, 2020 tweet recounting the experience.

"Everyone in bitcoin has had a "pizza day" spending moment," Antonopoulos explained in his tweet, adding, "Some of you just haven't realized it yet."

Brandon Mintz, the CEO of Crypto ATM network, Bitcoin Depot, also noted a similar tale. “I spent around 5 Bitcoin on a box of donuts towards the end of 2012," Mintz told Cointelegraph, adding "Good luck topping that.” 

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