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29 September 2020

Web 3.0 would enable new possibilities and opportunities

Web 3.0 would enable new possibilities and opportunities

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The decentralized data storage solution InterPlanetary File System, or IPFS, is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol that is designed to make the web “faster, safer and more open.” It allows users to download webpages and content that is stored across multiple nodes instead of from a central server.

Using Kademlia distributed hash tables, or DHT, the IPFS P2P file-sharing system spreads data across a network of computers that are coordinated to enable efficient access and lookup between nodes.

This kind of data structure is decentralized and functions reliably even when nodes fail or leave the network (fault-tolerant).

DHT provides a decentralized data structure where IPFS peers can locate other peers and the content requested.

Its fault-tolerant feature means that peers can function independently without central coordination, enabling the system to scale and accommodate millions of peers — not to mention its ability to resist content censorship due to its decentralized structure.

Now that we know how IPFS technology uses DHT to locate peers and content, we can move on to how content is requested and retrieved.

Blocks of data are exchanged over the IPFS network through its data trading module called Bitswap.

While these tasks are straightforward, the complexity arises from the actual exchange between peers, where “strategies” are required to decide when and to whom to send blocks of data.

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