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21 September 2021

“We’re Creating New Rules for the Crypto Market” – Anti Danilevski, Kick Ecosystem CEO and Founder

“We’re Creating New Rules for the Crypto Market” – Anti Danilevski, Kick Ecosystem CEO and Founder

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For example, it would take us only a few hours to add new tokens, whereas for many of our competitors it would take up to several months, and that’s considering that they wouldn’t even be able to support tokens with any kind of special economics at all.

That was the original plan, to invest more time, money and resources in the development phase so that we could grow rapidly after launch, which is what is happening now.

Q: Exchange tokens made a real leap this year.

A: Exchange tokens are especially popular among holders and it’s clear why: there’s an exchange behind each token, a real product with real value.

Exchange tokens have real uses, and this is very important for token value.

That’s if we’re talking about exchange tokens, but this doesn’t mean the token has to stay that way forever.

That is, the more KICK tokens a user owns, the higher percentage of distributed tokens they receive each time someone transfers or trades their KICK tokens on decentralized exchanges.

For tokens held by users on the KickEX exchange, the staking section and distribution will be launched within a month, and anyone holding KICK tokens on KickEX will receive what’s called “token redistribution” for all the time that they have not received them in the past.

This is a mechanic that not only further incrementally increases KICK token ownership among its holders by reducing the overall amount of coins in circulation, but also makes the KICK token hyper-deflationary.

What’s more, over 3 million tokens have been burned since the beginning of July.

This combination of exchange economics, token-staking, and automatic burning is the new beginning for exchange tokens, and all current KICK holders or those who join us now, still at an early stage, will soon be congratulated?

I personally believe that we have a genuine masterpiece on our hands, and the feedback from users lucky enough to be in that group has been nothing but positive and confirming that we made a great app.

The goal is to cover all the needs that users of digital assets might have so that they wouldn’t need anything else but the Kick Mobile Superapp.

All tokens or coins that pour money into advertising but have no product will deflate when marketing investments stop, and that is bound to happen sooner or later.

This is why growth should be expected with the development of our business, as KICK is an exchange token.

If you have your own money that you aren’t afraid to invest into something for a few years, and you understand perfectly well that things might not go your way, I believe that Bitcoin should fit the bill.

You should look for assets that have a real product and where there is a token or coin that has a real use.

That is why exchange tokens are so promising: traders buy them to pay trade commissions and reduce their own commissions, and after they pay for their trades, these tokens are usually destroyed.

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