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06 March 2021

What Is It About Ripple That’s Illegal?

What Is It About Ripple That’s Illegal?

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Take the case, for example, of Ripple, where executives are going to a hearing on February 22 with SEC lawyers to argue their case in court – namely that they did not conduct $1.3 billion worth of transactions of an unlicensed and unregulated security.

Then, if you look at how people characterize what Ripple did, how the token was launched, they characterize it as an initial coin offering or ICO?

This is not a very clear guideline for financial companies, and we’re seeing the results of that as lawyers argue either side of a complex ICO case like that of Ripple which now has a 26 market capitalization of tens of billions of dollars.

We can go over Ripple’s ambiguous legal situation all day, but a lot of investors just want to find a safe place to do business, with safe assets and tokens that are not drawing the fire of regulators.

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