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27 July 2021

What Is the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) Token? - Decrypt

What Is the DeFi Pulse Index (DPI) Token? - Decrypt

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The value of the index token reflects the average prices of the tokens in the pot, so buying the index token is comparable (ish) to investing in the entire DeFi market. .

The most popular isDeFi Pulse Index(DPI), which lets you gain exposure to a whole basket of top DeFi tokens through a single token.

Launched in September 2020, the DeFi Pulse Index consists of the 10 most popular DeFi tokens available on Ethereum: LEND, YFI, COMP, SNX, MKR, REN, KNC, LRC, BAL and REPv2. .

Instead of buying all of these DeFi tokens and managing your portfolio yourself, you can just buy a single ERC-20 token that provides exposure to all 10 tokens.

However, it's only a little cheaper than buying all the tokens on regular crypto exchanges.And, since rebalances occur just once a month and the basket is limited to the top 10 tokens on Ethereum, you won’t profit from that crazy one million percent rise of the latest DeFi project on another blockchain.

DeFi Pulse Index has partnered with theSet Protocol,which allows for the creation, management, and trading of “Sets," which are baskets of ERC-20 tokens that represent a portfolio of underlying assets

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