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18 April 2021

What Is Theta Network? - Decrypt

What Is Theta Network? - Decrypt

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So video sharing websites will use multiple servers around the world so they can deliver the content much more quickly—known as a content delivery network (CDN).

These services will typically charge for the amount of data being used, meaning that when a video streaming site becomes popular, its costs will rise.

Theta Network is aimed at cutting the costs of operation for video streaming services like YouTube.

If you’re trying to watch a video on a video streaming site that uses the Theta Network, you will receive the data in a combination of two ways.

Some of the video will be streamed directly from the site’s hosting platform, but you’ll also receive some of it from local peers using the Theta Network.

Those participating in the Theta Network get paid for sharing video content to other users.

When someone shares the video content to someone else who’s trying to watch the video, the streaming site pays them in TFUEL tokens.

It’s run by CEO Mitch Liu and has its own streaming site,, which pays viewers in TFUEL to watch video content (since they are then sharing that content to other peers).

Four of these VC firms announced in March that they will be staking $100 million of their Theta tokens—largely acquired in earlier investments when the token was cheaper—in a collaborative validator node.

Theta Labs has so far been granted three patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office related to its video streaming service, Levitt told Decrypt.

One potential issue with Theta Network is the idea that someone could just use two computers and share video through the network to themselves and get paid for doing so.

The network also has a few other similar limitations, that can be fine-tuned by the video streaming platform, depending on how strict they want to be.

Another key element is that those sharing the video content don’t get to choose who they’re sharing to.

These are nodes that download and share video content without the user needing to watch the video.

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