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19 April 2021

Why Decentralization Is Uniquely American

Why Decentralization Is Uniquely American

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I am a passionate student of history, so my interest in Bitcoin started because of my political philosophy and my natural bent against relying on centralized government systems to the best of my ability.

They were not perfect and have been supplemented over the years.

As America continued to expand, self-sufficiency and decentralized means of production continued to be important, and indeed, they have been central to our growth and continued success.

The weakness that results from our heavy reliance on critical goods from global sources, particularly from China, the arbitrary and—in my opinion—unconstitutional power seizure by central government agencies, tyrannical orders by governors, and unchecked market manipulation by the Federal Reserve have contributed to a larger awakening of the need to return to our roots and reclaim those natural rights.

Another real-world effect of this desire for decentralization and lack of trust in “the system” has been the flood of new users to Bitcoin and the use of bitcoin to pay for goods and services.

I have much more to learn about Bitcoin, and this young Luddite is looking forward to your help in catching up as we all work in our own ways to reclaim our natural rights and put the government back into its proper, limited, and enumerated role of governing with the consent of the governed.

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