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22 June 2021

Why Every Single Person Needs Bitcoin

Why Every Single Person Needs Bitcoin

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The state takes the taxes from productivity, then collects and reinvests this into the country.

By reinvesting these tax receipts back into the economy, the country grows and is able to modernize its infrastructure, thus allowing everyone to become more productive.

Organic growth of an economy disincentivizes the government from raising tax rates.

Today however, our economies are being heavily driven by central banks.

Rather than funding government spending with tax revenue and keeping a balanced budget, central banks put up new money to buy government debt, thus allowing the government to spend beyond its means.

The key issue with a central bank driven economy where the government can have its central bank simply print up new money is that at this point, the state no longer has to care about reinvesting tax revenue into the economy, the infrastructure or the education system in order to benefit the people and grow the tax base.

Under this central bank driven economy, the alignment of incentives between the government and the people is broken.

It's a way of fighting the central bank driven economy.

I have seen what our current central bank driven economic system has done the world over.

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