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25 June 2021

Why Fiat Experts Don’t Get Bitcoin

Why Fiat Experts Don’t Get Bitcoin

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We think they know better, that they have our best interests at heart.

To understand Bitcoin's value and I mean truly understand it, you have to start asking, "What is money?" This sends precoiners spiraling down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

They start thinking, "If I've been lied to about money, about inflation being normal, what else have I been taught that was a lie?" This is generally where people become skeptical which leads them to think critically and not take things at face value.

For the first time, they start paying attention to what experts are actually saying.

Then, recognize that they have plenty of biases.

Experts, like everyone else, have bills to pay, want promotions and also just don't want to get fired.

Oftentimes, experts don't have these high-level positions because they're the best for the job but because they can be controlled.

Experts have a hard time grasping the fact that they're just like everyone one else when it comes to Bitcoin.

Experts, in my opinion, do have one distinct advantage: They can simply tweet, "I want to understand Bitcoin," and a flurry of Bitcoin authors and podcasters will appear offering them their precious time.

Instead, they come in thinking they have an original thought on why Bitcoin doesn't work.

Their credentials just help them get their foot in the “influence door.” After that, if they don't shut up and learn, they will get dismissed.

What drew me to Bitcoin Twitter was how different the community is in that they don't rely solely on past accomplishments to continue to have influence.

As soon as "influencers" start being inconsistent, unethical or malicious, they will get called out.

What you say and what you do will have great consequences, be that good or bad.

In a Bitcoin future where people and organizations are allowed to fail, only the best will rise up.

I wrote this for those that are early on their Bitcoin journey and are trying to make sense of the world

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