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17 September 2021

Why Some Consumers Want To “Get Unbanked”

Why Some Consumers Want To “Get Unbanked”

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Having no access to a bank account with an insured financial institution is not only inconvenient, it also precludes you from being able to save for anything.

All things considered, Nerd Wallet writes that on average, you spend $196.50 more when you don’t have a bank account and have to use a prepaid debit card with the direct deposit feature.

Having access to a bank account can help people avoid payday and other predatory loans, which can have three times the interest.

Unbankedgives you access to a debit card with a direct deposit feature without the crazy fees that other services have.

What’s more, Unbanked doesn’t only work to eliminate the fees you do not like to pay to your bank, using the cards can also reward you with up to 6.38 percent when you use the debit card to make your purchases

The Unbanked website states “we are the financial institution that provides transformative products and services because we believe that financial access and control is a fundamental human right.”   With billions of people requiring access and more control over their currency, Unbanked could be one of the most important companies to help accelerate access. 

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