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27 September 2020

Why we need evolutionary, not revolutionary, regulatory initiatives

Why we need evolutionary, not revolutionary, regulatory initiatives

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With this draft law, issuance itself can be based on distributed ledger technology, thereby introducing truly dematerialized DLT or blockchain-based securities.

The draft differentiates between the keeping of a central electronic securities register by a central securities depository and the keeping of registers for issuing electronic bonds made possible by distributed ledger technologies.

Germany’s very conservative government is taking the digital transformation of its securities markets extremely seriously and recognizing the advantages in terms of speed, settlement times and transparency that blockchain technology has to offer.

At the same time, projects in the blockchain space continue to provide thought leadership and remove technology hurdles by combining secure digital identity with strong online privacy (e.g., private transactions on public chains) and compliance oracles that tie digital attributes and attestations to automated policy enforcement in both the area of cryptocurrencies (e.g.

Ultimately, digital transformation with the use of blockchain technology will lead to significant cost reductions through the elimination of many error-prone manual processes, better compliance and more effective crime-fighting through increased transparency, greater global accessibility to high-quality assets and, hence, greater financial inclusion

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