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30 September 2020

Working in the Cryptocurrency Industry as a Woman | Op-Ed Bitcoin News

Working in the Cryptocurrency Industry as a Woman | Op-Ed Bitcoin News

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However, something happened earlier this year that resonated with me personally, and I wanted to touch on this subject as I don’t believe it has received enough attention and is a topic that in particular for this year, is important because of what’s going on around the world, especially in the cryptocurrency space.

According to an articlewritten earlier this year by CIO, women make up 47% of all employed adults in the U.S., but only hold about 25% of technology related positions.

Earlier this year, right when the United States was starting to get hit hard with the Corona Virus, there was news that hit crypto twitter –Binanceis hiring and the only requirements are “beautiful young girls with big boobs.” You can imagine my shock.

Women everywhere in the crypto space felt this, especially those of us who work for exchanges.Binancebeing a peer in the space, set the bar really low for all us, and now we have to work our way back up, whether it was a joke or not.

With the bar set low, women are now facing an even bigger struggle to get employed and keep their jobs, especially in this booming space with lots of competition.

But not all work places are like this, and as others have shown, women are not always treated equally and fairly.

Also, most of the people that I work with are very professional.

I have to say that representation of females in the technology sector still has a long way to go before women are no longer considered a minority in tech, and it’s a similar scenario in the blockchain and crypto sector.

My hope is that this will change as time goes on and new technologies emerge such as blockchain and crypto, which will help pave the way for women to give us an opportunity to make our mark.

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