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25 June 2021

XCarnival Secures $2 Million Seed Investment – Sponsored Bitcoin News

XCarnival Secures $2 Million Seed Investment – Sponsored Bitcoin News

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Recently, XCarnival announcedit has secured a two-million US dollar seed investment in its quest to reinvent synthetic assets in crypto.

Being a next generation synthetic asset platform, XCarnival has been committed to building non-standard asset leasing, pawning, and lending businesses.

At the same time, XCarnival also provides several synthetic asset templates to those users who want to create financial products quickly.

Essentially, a synthetic asset is a tokenized derivative that imitates the value of another asset, with very few changes in the properties of both assets.

Recently, synthetic assets have grown in popularity since they help people who do not want to hold an actual asset.

Synthetic assets tokenize the relationship with an underlying asset rather than using contracts to build the chain between assets.

Not only can you use them to inject liquidity into the market, but XCarnival has also enabled synthetic asset solutions that lower the barrier to issuance for financial derivative products.

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