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27 October 2020

YouTube’s sleazy decline into scam promotion

YouTube’s sleazy decline into scam promotion

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Last weekend, I was watching a sports stream on YouTube.

If only the stream didn’t keep being interrupted every few minutes by annoying ads.

When an educational stream about cryptocurrencies is organized by Cointelegraph or a crypto vlogger, it risks being blocked for “harmful content,” which has happened several times this year so far.

The fact that the biggest video-hosting platform of our time shamelessly permits itself to promote scams is deeply unjust.

As a journalist, I am very sensitive to any media malpractices that promote bad actors, especially in the delicate area of new technology, where the difference between a promising project and a scam could define the sustainability of the industry.

It’s important you understand our Community Guidelines, and the role they play in our shared responsibility to keep YouTube safe.

While the YouTube community either abides by the rules or is punished for not conforming to them, the company gives itself a free pass when not following its policy.

I am interested to learn your opinion and ideas on how decentralized technology could help users to receive quality video-hosting services, including advertisements, and how it can stand up to giants like YouTube

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