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31 July 2021

Is It Time to Take Solana Seriously? Latest 'Ethereum Killer' May Be the Real Deal - Decrypt

Is It Time to Take Solana Seriously? Latest 'Ethereum Killer' May Be the Real Deal - Decrypt

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The crypto world is awash in "Ethereum killers"—projects that promise to disrupt the undisputed leader in blockchain applications.

It's too soon to say whether Solana will maintain this momentum or if it can become a serious rival to Ethereum.

But it is possible to identify three factors that have propelled its rapid rise: technology, products and partnerships, and an intangible quality we can call the "SBF factor." Here's a closer look at all three of these factors in order to assess if it's time for the crypto world to take Solana seriously.

A more technical breakdown follows below, but the upshot is that Solana seems to have figured out a way to accelerate the consensus process that makes blockchain transactions reliable and immutable.

In practice, this novel system means that Solana has already added more blocks of transactions to its blockchain than those of Ethereum, Bitcoin,Polkadot,Algorand, andCosmoscombined.

In the short time it's been around, Solana has also made an impression by arranging tie-ups with a number of prominent names in the crypto world.

SBF's presence serves to sprinkle a dash of pixie dust on Solana, and gives it a figurehead that other would-be Ethereum killers lack.

The blessing of SBF is no guarantee that Solana will succeed in the long term, of course, but it does help explain Solana's remarkable rise in a short period of time. .

But that doesn't mean there isn't room for other blockchains to give Ethereum a serious run for its money in the long term

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