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13 May 2021

Acala’s DeFi Hub Karura Integrates Chainlink’s Price Feeds

Acala’s DeFi Hub Karura Integrates Chainlink’s Price Feeds

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Karura developers are set to benefit massively from selecting Chainlink as their go-to price oracle solution.Chainlink oracleshave been time-proven to seamlessly and reliably secure billions of dollars in value across the DeFi world.

The hyper-reliable financial market data delivered on-chain directly will also facilitate Karura to swiftly start developing secure DeFi apps and financial products across numerous use cases.

By leveraging Chainlink Price Feeds, Karura developers will be able to create DeFi apps that assure users of the security of their funds

Moreover, the growing adoption and shared funding of Chainlink Price Feeds across the DeFi ecosystem generates economies of scale effect; DeFi projects such as Karura can access robust oracle security and premium data and for a fraction of the total cost.

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