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31 July 2021

After ‘7/20’ social media campaign, Sushi reveals all-in-one AMM ‘Trident’

After ‘7/20’ social media campaign, Sushi reveals all-in-one AMM ‘Trident’

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Trident will feature four AMM models, including constant product pools similar to the current SushiSwap, hybrid pools similar to Curve that allow for the efficient exchange of like-kind assets such as stablecoins, concentrated liquidity pools similar to the functionality Uniswap v3 offers, and weighted pools similar those available through Balancer.

Trades on the new platform will work through Tines, a new order-matching engine that will examine all four pool types for the most efficient swaps.

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Delong said that while there’s no set date for the launch of Trident, users can expect the launch to be “more than 30 days post-7/20, but less than 60.”.

Delong notes that even liquidity used for limit orders will be able to sit bearing yield as traders wait for their set prices to arrive.

Delong also notes that Trident’s UI/UX for providing liquidity “will seem obvious in hindsight,” and that LP positions will be represented as ERC-1155s as opposed to ERC-721s, which the team hopes will add a degree of fungibility to the positions and make trading them on secondary markets easier.

When asked who Trident will most appeal to, Delong said that “anyone with idle capital” will benefit from Trident’s capital efficiency.

He noted, however, that while wholly new innovations “have yet to be built” BentoBox and Trident are flexible enough to accommodate them — but first, “we have to ship,” he joked

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