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21 June 2021

How Aavegotchi Pushes NFTs Forward

How Aavegotchi Pushes NFTs Forward

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Now, I have been working with NFTs now for a couple years.

Along with Coder Dan, I co-founded Bullionix, which combined a gold stablecoin with NFTs.

For that project we employed the ERC-721 token with ERC20 tokens staked inside―our first experiment with using their oracle to pull real-world data and display it.

We did this mostly for user experience, but it also familiarized us with using these oracles.

As we founded Aaveogtchi, the largest NFT gamingmarketplace on Polygon, it became apparent to us that we had an opportunity with lightweight pixel art to embrace a completely on-chain approach to NFTs.

You can deposit any ERC20 into your Aavegotchi.

This means you can also deposit other NFTs into your NFTs.

We work with many of the tokens on the Aave lending platform, so you can stick them inside of your Aavegotchi and use it as a wallet.

This brings your Aavegotchi to life.

We have Aaveogtchi as an ERC-721 token, and the Aavegotchi wearables as an ERC-1155 token.

Combining these two token standards helps your Aavegotchi build identity over time.

Your Aavegotchi grabs value from elsewhere on the chain.

This is where NFTs will shine.

(GHST, by the way, is our native token) We are building out a dashboard that will only work to further supercharge our already engaged community. .

I suspect over time we will have a place where Aavegotchis are accessible, not too expensive, with a great, smooth user experience to onboard onto crypto and enjoy that immutable digital pet that can last as long as you or even longer.

Regardless, Aavegotchi is a great place to get started on your crypto journey, because you basically are starting with the best type of NFT you can have: a decentralized one

He is also the creator of the Value-Staked NFTs concept mentioned above as the creator of which was the first to offer 3D, high resolution digital collectibles staked with gold stable coins

Prior to his work with Ethereum dapps, Jesse was heavily involved on the digital assets exchange side of the industry serving as the head of international development for ZB Group and prior to that served in China for Lenovo Mobile Unit as a Motorola product improvement and mergers specialist.

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