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31 March 2020

Gavin Andresen Speaks About Ethereum's Tornado and Wallet Privacy - Bitcoin News

Gavin Andresen Speaks About Ethereum's Tornado and Wallet Privacy - Bitcoin News

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Gavin Andresen Speaks About Ethereum's Tornado and Wallet Privacy.

Once in a while, Andresen has made comments about the cryptocurrency industry and once tweeted that bitcoin cash (BCH) reminded him of the Bitcoin he worked on back in 2010.

Then 13 days later, Andresen wrote a blog post about the project, an Ethereum-based project that claims to break the onchain link between ETH recipient and destination addresses.

Andresen also noted that he wouldn’t be surprised if a paper is released in 2023 that shows “85% of tornado usage was not private.” “Not because the cryptography is broken, but because it is really hard for mere mortals to use something like Tornado (or Coinjoin or other similar technologies) in a way that doesn’t leak information about their wallet,” Andresen insisted.

But Andresen’s post leads to the conclusion that most people will leak information about their mixed coins when consolidating them into one account he dubs the “Super Secret” wallet.

“You have almost certainly accomplished nothing — Unless somebody else just happened to use tornado to move 117 ETH from one address to another in the same timeframe, it is easy to see that 0xabc and 0xdef are both owned by you — Your ‘Super Secret’ wallet isn’t,” Andresen emphasized.

The former Bitcoin developer does think Tornado is a step in the right direction and called the project a “fantastic building block.” Following the blog post on Tornado, Andresen published another post on the same subject the following day.

Andresen said that a future version of Tornado could support depositing and withdrawing arbitrary amounts?

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