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31 March 2020

Tokyo-Based Zigmabit Offers Mining Rigs for Homes and Offices - Bitcoin News

Tokyo-Based Zigmabit Offers Mining Rigs for Homes and Offices - Bitcoin News

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Zigmabit, which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and maintains manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom and Germany, recently introduced its new mining rigs that come in three models and are capable of operating under multiple algorithms.

The rigs are equipped with a direct liquid closed-loop cooling system, noiseless fans, silent high-pressure pumps, efficient radiators, and other smart features that make them appropriate for operation in living and working spaces.

The Zigbit 2.0 miner ($3,500) is a 500 x 400 x 760 mm unit with a 110V-240V socket and power consumption of 600W.

The compact units are equipped with 7nm ASIC Zigmabit Booster X chips, RJ45 Ethernet and wireless connection and dual 48VDC pumps.

Zigmabit claims that mining dash with the Zigbit 2.0 miner will return a daily profit of $171, while using the unit for BTC mining will bring $64.80.

Profitability is higher with Zigbit 3.0, between $86.40 for litecoin and $221 for dash.

Zigbit 5.0, the lineup’s flagship, provides the highest hash rate power – 2,000 TH/s (BTC), 300 GH/s (LTC), 75 GH/s (ETH), and 50 TH/s (dash).

With modest investment needed and little maintenance required, all that their clients need to do is choose a profitable mining pool.

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