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29 September 2020

Law Decoded: Governments vs. blockchain privacy, Sept. 4-11

Law Decoded: Governments vs. blockchain privacy, Sept. 4-11

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But as government actors get more sophisticated with blockchain technology and indeed look at onboarding it themselves, they seem determined to short-circuit the whole privacy protection side of things. .

We’ll also see some issues with what may be the largest use of blockchain for remote voting yet — a pretty key example of where everybody involved needs their identity protected.

investigations have tied both to a widespread campaign to stoke partisan hostility among Americans via social media campaigns — wide-scale trolling, in other words. .

Jarringly, every investigation notes the effectiveness of these social media campaigns at fanning the flames of long-smoldering issues in American society.

While these campaigns may have stolen U.S.

The agency announced a $625,000 campaign to track privacy tokens, a puzzle that has bedeviled the analytics industry and, frankly, delighted the crypto community to no end.

As of yet, privacy tokens have not seen a ton of circulation in areas like terror financing, which are always sure to draw mass attention

But as Bitcoin transactions have become something of an open book for investigators, privacy tokens are clearly on everyone’s radar.  

Depending on the scale of final implementation, Russia’s in-progress voting system may well end up the largest yet to run on a blockchain

Besides which, Cointelegraph has previously commented on issues with centralized control of the keys in this electoral system

For a nation with a patchy record for running fair elections, the rushed development and limited scrutiny on the new remote voting system is concerning

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