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25 May 2020

This Bitcoin Documentary From Africa Is Streaming on Amazon Prime - CoinDesk

This Bitcoin Documentary From Africa Is Streaming on Amazon Prime - CoinDesk

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Starting Friday, Amazon Prime will offer the documentary “Banking on Africa: The Bitcoin Revolution,” made by South African filmmaker Tamarin Gerriety with sponsorship from the crypto exchange Luno.

Likewise, a Nigerian BuyCoins user named Nnanna Ijezie said that he and many of his friends use multiple accounts, including Luno, Coinbase and BuyCoins, to convert a portion of their salaries into bitcoin for savings.

Nigerians who travel or have family abroad also use bitcoin for remittances, he said.

The report said Luno’s 4 million users, primarily in South Africa but also including many Nigerians, are inspired by inflation concerns, political instability and scant access to affordable financial services.

Entrepreneurial bitcoin educator Michael Kimani in Kenya said he is running a class of 25 people, paying $200 each for 2.5 hours for five weeks.

“The classes are mostly equally representative, roughly half of them are women,” Kimani said, describing his educational project Crypto Baraza

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