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31 March 2020

Wasabi Wallet Fights Bitcoin Core Antivirus Flags - Bitcoin Magazine

Wasabi Wallet Fights Bitcoin Core Antivirus Flags - Bitcoin Magazine

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Recently, Wasabi Wallet users have reported multiple instances in which antivirus programs identify both Wasabi and the newly integrated Bitcoin Core as “system infections.” More specifically, the computer security algorithms for Avira, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and F-Secure (and many other antivirus softwares) confuse full Bitcoin nodes with unwanted cryptocurrency mining programs that run in computer backgrounds and steal processing power (a type of malicious attack whose popularity peaked during the 2017 bull market).

In response to this phenomenon, Wasabi Wallet developers have started a social media campaign — distinguished by the hashtags #BitcoinIsSafe and #WasabiIsSafe — as a way of encouraging community members to write to the providers of their antivirus software and demand that Bitcoin and Wasabi be labeled as “false positives.”.

In December 2019, Wasabi Wallet launched version 1.1.10 — the first to include a partial Bitcoin Core integration for users who want to connect with their full nodes.

Historically, Wasabi Wallet never had issues with antivirus programs during scans.

Though the separation between full nodes and mining clients have existed in Bitcoin since 2013, software security companies haven’t updated their policies — in fact, they’ve hardened their detection systems due to the emergence of background and browser miners for altcoins like monero.

As mentioned above, Wasabi’s social media campaign invites users to send reports to their antivirus software providers and recommend the removal of Bitcoin Core from their list of malicious mining software to solve this problem.

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