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31 March 2020

From Meatspace to Cyberspace: Top Execs Moving From Traditional to Crypto Jobs in 2019

From Meatspace to Cyberspace: Top Execs Moving From Traditional to Crypto Jobs in 2019

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From BlackRock to Goldman Sachs, and from HSBC to the SEC, traditional industries saw some of their top personnel leave for new prospects in cryptocurrency over the past year. .

Hopping across the pond to France and the United Kingdom, British blockchain technology group Setl hired the former governor of the French central bank, Christian Noyer.

Blockchain payments network Ripple hired a former HSBC general counsel, Stuart Alderoty.

Former Goldman Sachs executive Marco Lim joined MaiCapital, a Hong Kong-based blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused hedge fund.

Veteran Wall Street trader Nick Carmi joined BitGo, a blockchain security and cryptocurrency custody firm.

The trend to pull up stakes from traditional to blockchain showed no signs of slowing.

In an unusual politics-to-crypto crossover, former United States Senator Rick Santorum joined the board of a Catholic community-oriented cryptocurrency project called Cathio.

Stephen Moore, an economist and former Trump campaign advisor, joined the Decentral cryptocurrency project as chief economic officer.

Departing from Morgan Stanley Asia, Jeffrey Wang joined the Shenzhen-based cryptocurrency company, Amber Group.

Acting as head of Americas, the former head of derivatives had previously worked with four out of the five founders of Amber Group when they previously worked at Morgan Stanley. .

Perlman had worked at Morgan Stanley for 13 years as global head of financial crimes and global head of special investigations. .

Former Google product manager Tony Sheng joined Blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm Multicoin Capital.

Sheng was hired to help the firm “secure new deals” and to “work with existing portfolio members.” Also departing from Google, former Russia chief technology officer Jennifer Trelewicz became the new chief business officer (CBO) at Credits.

Phillips hailed from the United States Treasury Department and joined Ripple to advise on “strategic regulatory opportunities”.

Senate Banking Committee as well as being the former global head of policy at blockchain, regulatory affairs and public policy at Bloomberg.

Former Congressional Assistant Ron Hammond joined Ripple in his new role as manager of government relations.

As the cryptocurrency market ebbs and flows, the movement of talent from the traditional world to blockchain-focused entities persists

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